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Faculty Introduction

Teaching and research office Introduction

Introduction to teaching and research office of General Medicine
  Since the establishment of teaching and research office of General Medicine in 2012, April, the office has undertaking the tasks of cultivating the undergraduates, the postgraduates and the clinical doctors of General Medicine.
Now there’re 9 teachers in the office, among which, 4 are Professors, 3 are Associate Professors, and 2 are Lecturers. There’re 1 teacher with PH.D degree and 7 with Master degree. Three of the teachers are Master’s Tutors.
Since the establishment of the office, it has been focusing on the scientific research and the transformation of teaching methods. It adopted the Multi-media, experimental, and PBL teaching methods to teach the students knowledge of Physiology, Psychology, Sociology and Ethics, to promote their ability of analyzing and resolving the problems in clinical practicing.

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