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Faculty Introduction

Teaching and research office Introduction

Introduction to teaching and research office of Surgery
  The teaching and research office of Surgery of ZCMU Second Clinical Medicine College established in 1995, which composed of 11 teaching and research groups, such as: Chest Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Proctology, Vascular Surgery, Urinary Surgery, Orthopaedics, Anesthesia, Evidence-based Medicine, etc. It’s a PH.D authorized department, and a standardized training base of certified Surgeons. It has 25 teachers, among them there’re 6 Professors, 10 Associate Professors, 2 doctors’ tutors, and 6 masters’ tutors.
  From the establishment of the office, it undertook more than 10 provincial key scientific research programs. It has published more than 20 dissertations of educational transformation. It has also achieved lots of scientific research results.
  The teaching and research office of Surgery pays attention to both theoretical learning and clinical practicing, teaches meticulously. And it also takes advanced teaching methods to teach the students, such as multi-media teaching, bilingual teaching, and PBL, etc.

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